Probate Law

Mallorye Cunningham, P.A.

Navigating Through Difficult Times

When a love one dies and family is attempting to handle this difficult time, the Law Office of Mallorye Cunningham, P.A. is available to help you with the probate legal process. Attorney Cunningham is an attorney whom you can trust and depend on to handle your probate needs. The firm understands the problems and knows how to solve the problems. Much is at stake after a loved one has died and their assets need to be divided up among beneficiaries expediently. The Law Office of Mallorye Cunningham, P.A. will provide you counseling and knowledgeable legal advice of the entire probate process. It is essential for you to be well-informed of what probate is, how it works and most importantly how it will end.


Where a dispute arises or a will or trust is contested, it is highly important for you to have a trial attorney who is experience in the courtroom to represent your interest fully, completely and competently. At the Law Office of Mallorye Cunningham, P.A., we will be extremely prepared to represent your position and legally fight for you without hesitation. Attorney Cunningham has over 30 years of experience inside of the courtroom.


Most importantly, you must act quickly in contacting my office to ensure that your legal rights are protected during the probate process.

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