Business Law

Mallorye Cunningham, P.A.

New Business Startups

The Law Office of Mallorye Cunningham, P.A. can assist you in starting your new business. Attorney Mallorye Cunningham will ensure that all of the correct documents are prepared and filed on your behalf to protect you from liability. We can advise you of the multiple types of business entities that are available to suit your business needs.

Contracts & Agreements

At the Law Office of Mallorye Cunningham, P.A. we will be able to draft contracts and agreements for your specific needs and to protect your interest. This will help you avoid liability which could save you money by first consulting with Attorney Cunningham. Schedule your appointment today with the firm to start protecting your business.

Landlord & Tennant Disputes

At the Law Office of Mallorye Cunningham, P.A., we can help and protect your interest by drafting leases, Residential and Commercial evictions, three day letter to tenant and obtain damages for you when appropriate. Call for your consultation today.

Real Estate Transactions

Buying, selling or leasing real estate will give you confidence when you know that the Law Office of Mallorye Cunningham, P.A. will protect your best interest during your real estate transaction. At the Law Office of Mallorye Cunningham, P.A., we will write or review your broker agreement, carefully review the real estate contract prior to you signing it, coordinate due diligence examination, and review all of the closing documents. Our rates are affordable! It is best to hire a competent lawyer to protect your interests.

Eminent Domain

If you receive notice from any government entity that your real estate will be taken away from you involuntarily, the next telephone call should be the Law Office of Mallorye Cunningham, P.A. Our office will explain to you in detail the process of how Eminent Domain works and how it will affect you. We will protect your interest and fight for you whether you want to keep your real property or receive compensation for the involuntary taking of your property as well as business damages. Call an attorney who has experience, trustworthy, cares about you and most importantly, is competent to protect your legal rights.